Cariboo Seasons

Spring | March 21 – June 20

The Spring brings warmer temperatures, longer days, the disappearance of ice and snow and the return of life. Many species of birds migrate back to the Cariboo Chilcotin including robins, geese, pelicans, swans and cranes, to name a few. Wild animals like bears come out of hibernation and the deciduous trees sprout leaves and the flowers start to bloom. Here are some helpful Spring links and information:

Summer | June 21 – September 20

If you like the outdoors then spending the summer in the Cariboo Chilcotin is a treat. With over 100 lakes within 100 kms there is no shortage of outdoor activities to experience – swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, canoeing – Here are some helpful Summer links and information:

Fall | September 21 – December 20

Autumn in the Cariboo Chilcotin showcases forests vibrant with the colours of gold, orange, and red. The cooler temperatures bring crisp mornings and evenings and the bugs disappear. Many birds begin their migration South and it is a time for celebration among the gardeners and farmers. The sunrises and sunsets come earlier reminding us that is time to prepare for the colder winter months. Here are some helpful autumn links and information:

Daylight Savings Time ends on the first Sunday in November when people turn their clocks back one hour.

Winter | December 21 – March 20

To some, winter in the Cariboo Chilcotin can be harsh, for others, there is beauty in the cold clear blue-sky days and sparkling snow.   However, you feel about the winter, it is best to be prepared. Here are some helpful winter links and information.