100 Mile House

Your Medical Community - 100 Mile House

100 Mile House has a welcoming, supportive atmosphere and a level of collegiality that befits a small town of 14 physicians. With a strong reputation for mentorship , the community of 100 Mile has been actively training, supervising, and supporting medical students, residents and new physicians for over 35 years from International and Canadian medical schools. The 100 Mile House health community has also participated in the Walk With Your Doc event for the past three years To learn more about the 100 Mile House medical community, please click here to watch this 3-minute video.
“I have the opportunity here to do full-service in terms of obstetrics, residential care, emergency medicine, bits of surgery. The practice I have here is still wide open... We really felt that people valued us and wanted us to be here and we were part of something much bigger than just ourselves or even our medical community. - Dr. Paul Magnuson, Chief of Staff, Cariboo Memorial Hospital  

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