Williams Lake

Your Medical Community - Williams Lake

Williams Lake is in the heart of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Region amidst sparkling lakes and rolling hills. A health hub for the many outlying rural communities to access a myriad of medical services including specialists. To learn more about this collegial medical community, please click here and watch this 3-minute video.

"The medical community in Williams Lake is phenomenal... The relationships you have with specialists here - you really become friends with your specialists. It’s really a special thing.”

- Dr. Paul Magnuson, Chief of Staff, Cariboo Memorial Hospital


The Cariboo Memorial Hospital & Health Centre is a Level 2 Community Hospital in Williams Lake.

The Hospital embodies a resident-centered philosophy designed to support residents’ choices, help people function at their highest level, and provide the best quality of life possible.

With 28 inpatient beds, hospital offers ER, ICU, OR, med-surg, and obstetrical units. Lab and diagnostic imaging on site; outpatient hemodialysis unit operated on-site. Residential beds are embedded within med-surg unit on second floor of hospital.

Clinic Information:

Williams Lake Specialists include:

  •  3 General Surgeons:
    • Dr. Daniel Brosseuk
    • Dr. Nicole Robbins
    • Dr.Oosthuizen
  • 4 Ob & Gyne:
    • Dr. Glenn Gill
    • Dr. Skye Raffard
    • Dr. Safiya Adam
    • Dr. Maryse Lavoie
  • Paediatrician:
    • Dr. Monica McKay
  • Internists:
    • Dr. Sean Harmse
    • Dr. Mohamed Arruj
  • Psychiatry:
    • Dr. Matt Burkey
    • Dr. Witold Widajewicz, Mental Health (visiting)
  • Visiting radiologists:
    • Dr. Warren
    • Dr. Coffee