Your Division of Family Practice

The Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice (CIRD) represents over 40 family physicians in the scenic Cariboo Region of British Columbia and the towns of 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, and Tatla Lake, British Columbia. Together, the division members work to:

  • Improve patient access to local primary care.
  • Increase local physicians’ influence on health care delivery and policy.
  • Provide professional support for physicians.

To familiarize yourself with the CIRD, please check out the following links:


The Benefits of Becoming a Member of CIRD

  • Improved access to health authority and specialist services.
  • Enhanced professional collegiality and access to physician health and wellness programs.
  • Shared efforts on recruitment, retention, and locums.
  • Support from colleagues in caring for complex or unattached patients.
  • Reliable assistance with duties historically falling to call groups, such as scheduling and meeting organization.
  • Strong financial and practice support for information technology programs and pilot projects.
  • Shared efforts to provide full-spectrum primary care.
  • Greater impact on the organization of local and regional health services around a Division practice area.
  • Local Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities.
  • The Division gives local physicians an opportunity to work collaboratively with the Health Authority, the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), and the Ministry of Health to identify health care needs in the local community and develop solutions to meet those needs.

When you connect with us at the Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice (CIRD) to become a member, membership will include access to Up-To-Date and many other Division resources that can be found here:


How to Become a Member of the CIRD

To register as a CIRD member, please follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on this link
  2. SCROLL DOWN until you see Become a Member  APPLY ONLINE
  3. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email to log-in.

The next step is to contact Sarah Austin, to introduce yourself to the Division. Sarah can help you with Division related questions or send you in the right direction.   As the administrator, Sarah will need to gather some information from you as the Central Interior Rural Division administers payments for certain programs that you may work in like the Residential Care Initiative of Doctor of the Day programs.

Also, you will need to register for the Assigned & Unassigned In-patient Care Network - please complete this form with your MOA and return to Sarah by email, or fax to 250-296-4426. Sarah will email you confirmation of your registration.

Credentialing and Hospital Privileges

Credentialing is a process that involves the collection, verification and assessment of information regarding the education, training, experience, and ability of an individual physician to perform a requested restricted service. In British Columbia physicians must have the requisite credentials as outlined in the BC Medical Quality Initiative (BC MQI) Provincial Privileging Dictionaries for specific privileges within health authorities.

Credentialing for physicians who hold privileges at any health authority facility is performed by the health authority, and includes assessing eligibility for MSP billings for restricted services within health authority facilities. For further information, please contact Anna Meyers, Medical Affairs Assistant – CMH, OHM, LIH, DHH. to introduce yourself and establish credentials for hospital privileges.